Blowing My Own Beautiful Mind


I couldn’t breathe.

I’m not sure how long time stood still.

As I pulled my car over to the side of the road I remember feeling like the wind had been knocked out of me.

I felt like my heart was being ripped open.

For many years I looked back on that moment and felt like I was breaking.  Yet on reflection I realise that I was actually cracking open. 

I was being called home. 

Called home to my higher self, my source.

That particular day I made a commitment.  I committed to myself that I would do whatever it took to break through the many years of hurt, fears, self-doubt and shame.

And I did just that.

I started seeing a Life Coach.  I became a Reiki Master.  I began surrounding myself with the kinds of people I wanted to become.  I began to devour self-development.  I attended events.  I learnt Body Consciousness.  I studied NLP.

Piece by piece I fell a part.  And piece-by-piece I came back together.

I began to learn that we live our life based off the story we keep telling our self.  From the mouth of my good friend Vaughn, you might as well make it a good one.

Layer upon layer of pain, guilt, neglect, dishonesty and detachment all began to peel away. 

I learnt that our mindset is shaped by our collection of thoughts and beliefs and these are what shape our thought habits.  These thoughts and beliefs are mostly developed from the ages of birth to seven years of age.  And these thoughts and beliefs determine how we view our world.  Did you know that we only take in 134 bits of information out of 11 million bits/second???  To take it one step further it means that our beliefs and values shape the 134 bits/second that we see.  So what if we change our beliefs?  We change what we see.  Which in turn shifts our mindset.

Simple right?  Change our thoughts change our world. 

Yet as humans we have these patterns and programs that we keep playing on repeat.  And until we change these thoughts we will continue to keep running these same patterns over and over and over again.

Ever wonder why you aim for something different yet you keep getting the same results?  Ever wonder why you are unable to stick to the goals you set for yourself?  Ever wonder why you feel stuck?  Ever think that the movie Groundhog Day was written about YOUR life? 

It’s interesting just how our self-talk goes and how we limit ourselves to those stories that we keep telling ourselves.  Let me ask a question.  Do you even believe half of the things you think?

I'll let you in on something.  Shifting our mindset is a daily practice.  It means showing up 100 even when we don't feel like it.  It means committing to ourselves that we are worth it.  It means keeping on going when we feel like it's impossible (remember I'M possible).  It means taking one more step each and every single day until we can actually feel the shift. 

Every new thought and belief begins with a decision.  When we begin to understand that our life is merely the creation of the stories we keep telling our self, we begin to realise that at any given point in time we can choose a different story.  And in turn, our life will begin to change in ways we never even imagined possible. 

Working with incredible women reminds me over and over again that we sometimes forget just how remarkable we really are.  It’s like we’ve forgotten this truth along the worn path we keep circling, and the further we walk away from ourselves the harder it seems to hear the call BACK to ourselves.  Don’t be mistaken though.  We are being called home each and every single day.

Our being shouts out to us to listen.  To stop.  To choose who we really are.  To show up and play all out.  Start listening to the whispers, the nudges, the little voice, and the feelings.  This is our soul calling us home.  It’s our inner wisdom, our source, and our universe.  It’s our true self.  We both hear it.  Trust it!

As an Empowerment Coach and Facilitator I hear the same things over and over again.  I don’t have time.  I’m not good enough.  I don’t know HOW to change.  I can’t put myself first.  What will they think?  Who am I?  And for years I too believed these things about myself. 

So how do we begin to shift our mindset and ditch the limiting beliefs so that we can begin to change our story?

Firstly, we can choose to live our life from a place of cause or effect.  Effect means we blame external things and other people for where we are at in our life.  Cause means that we take full responsibility and we recognise that we are exactly where we are because of every decision we have made and every action we have taken.  Sometimes that’s a little hard to take.  Just own it.  We are not victims of our circumstances and we get to CHOOSE each and every single day how we play our game of life.  

The big picture is a big picture for a reason.  Remember the story of what we focus on we get more of.  We know that when we choose to focus on what we lack we tend to attract more of that.  Why is that?  Because when our vibration and our desire are out of balance it becomes more difficult to manifest what we desire.  Beginning to balance lack and desire starts from our thought patterns and the things we tell ourselves.  Journaling our desires in to a space of belief is a great place to begin aligning those desires with our vibration.  The more we practice this the easier it becomes to recognise and shift the thought patterns.

Choose a mindset ritual each and every single day.  I spend around 2-4 hours each morning on mine.  This includes writing in my diary, writing in my journal, reading an empowering book, meditating and exercising.  The way we start our day is everything.  Become lovingly selfish, after all, the greatest relationship we will ever have is the relationship we choose to have with our self.

Acknowledge the elephant in the room.  Awareness is the first step to changing the way we think.  Writing our limiting beliefs in our journal allows us to become aware of the things that we are allowing to hold us back.  When we become aware of these things we then have the choice to change them.  Get real and honest in this space.  Once we have our list we can rewrite the list from the angle of desire rather than lack.   So instead of writing ‘I want…..’ and not believing it we can choose to write ‘I believe…..’.  By changing our thought pattern we begin to attract more of what we desire.

And lastly, let go of the HOW.  It’s in the surrendering of letting go of how we think things should be that will actually begin to shift the way that things are. 

Our story is our story until we decide we want to change it.  The world and the people in it are waiting for us to realise our own self worth.  We have big things to do this lifetime.

So, what’s your story amazing human?

Big love ❤