There's Nothing To Say


Me: Oh, but there is!

Soul: Nope. Not right now Allie.

And no matter how many times I had this discussion with my soul; the response continued to be the same.

Soul: Be quiet. Be patient. Go within. Let go. Trust.

To be honest, it was challenging going from having a lot to say on social media, from sharing regularly, from doing a lot of livestreams, from having a super engaged audience, from wanting to share my message.

TO… sharing almost nothing.

The craziest thing, it was one of the biggest growth phases of my life.

I let go of things not serving.

I recognised behaviours that were holding me back.

I chose to step away from specific groups and certain people.

My boundaries became clearer and more defined.

I started to speak less and listen more.

I become more grounded in my certainty.

You see, I was disenchanted and bored with the social media game.

The things I was sharing became monotonous.

Making money and being a leader was no longer fulfilling in the way it had been.

My inspiration felt like it packed its bags and took a round the world solo trip.

And with all of this I now know it was the beautiful death of my ego and the re-acquaintance of my soul.

I was craving deeper connections.

Desiring to make a bigger difference.

Things that used to be important to me no longer were.

I began to see things differently.

What I wanted began to change.

I began to see a bigger picture.

I began to hear the whispers of a mission and vision so much bigger than myself.

And throughout all of these changes the opinions others had of me shifted too:

You’re up yourself.

We can’t feel your heart.

You’re closed off.

You’re fluffy.

You lack vision.

You’re cocky.

And I’m not going to lie, for someone who is significance driven, it was intense and difficult.

It was difficult to feel like I lost my voice.

It was difficult to stop sharing so much.

Difficult to walk away from things.

Difficult to speak up.

Difficult to know that others didn’t understand.

Difficult to face the judgment with all of the internal changes going on also.

Difficult to feel like I had to have it all together because fuck that’s what leaders do right!

And through it all there was really nothing else to do except trust my soul and know that EVERYTHING was happening for my greatest good AND for the good of the planet.

The cosmic joke - it always is right 😉

Ego was stripped back.

Humility became a friend.

Grace and I were acquainted.

It’s like all the STUFF had to shift and clear for me to step into greater service for humanity.

For so long I had no words to describe all of this.

I shed plenty of tears.

I got angry.

I questioned EVERYTHING.

AND I invested more in myself than I ever had before.

I learnt to take my time.

To trust in the bigger picture.

I softened.

My soul-aligned mission and vision for humanity became clearer.

And this new, potent and beautiful medicine on my heart began to want to be shared.

I feel like we can easily get stuck in the social media distortion of always having to show up for everyone else, of comparison, self-judgement, not good enough, people pleasing, saying yes when we mean no, filtering, scrolling AND consuming.

What I've learnt though over this past 3 years of running a super successful multi-faceted online business is that the more we show up as ourselves, the more we honour our truth, the more we share what lights us up instead of trying to figure out what others want, the more we share from our soul, the more we build 'true' relationships, the more we give a damn about others:

❣️ the more joy we feel

❣️ the bigger impact we make

❣️ the bigger businesses we have

❣️ the more money we make

When we LISTEN to our soul, all the things that made no sense at all begin to make ALL the sense.

It's not always easy following a path that is different to the societal norm HOWEVER the inner freedom, the relationships, the wealth creation and the freedom of choice certainly are worth it.

Big love always

Allie xx