You Matter



1. Speaking our truth often takes courage

It's not always easy to say what we mean, to speak up, to change our mind on something and to honour that. To share with others how we feel about something. To let others know when we may have got it wrong. To apologise. To take full ownership for something. To follow our heart and go one way when others may be going the other. A lot of people will keep quiet, will placate, will avoid speaking.

What I love about truth is that it frees us from being trapped in a distorted reality. It keeps our energetic lines clear and clean (which positively impacts our relationships, our business, the money we make, our health). It's not only great for us as the individual, it also ripples out to the people around us AND our beautiful planet.

2. Clear communication is important

We ALL see things differently in life. There are many reasons for this. Our upbringing, our beliefs, our programming, etc... Sometimes we can think one thing and someone else will take it completely different. Clear communication avoids confusion, angst and misunderstanding. Acknowledging that how we see the world may be different to the next person allows us to respect other people and their viewpoints.

3. We always have a choice

If something doesn’t feel good we get to honour that. If it was a yes at first and then it changes to a no, we get to honour that also. Sometimes I think that people forget that they actually have a choice. When we make our own choices we are choosing to create our lives not just let life happen.

4. Everyone is doing the best that they can

We may not understand someone else’s thought processes, behaviours or actions, however everyone is doing the best they can with what they know, what they’ve experienced, where they have come from. Acknowledgement and compassion go a long way here. This is not a permission slip to excuse something, it's about understanding and respecting that we are all different.

5. We are all connected

One finger pointed outward; 3 facing back.

We are all energetically connected. This is science. We all have red blood. We all have a heart that beats. We all have feelings, emotions, experiences that have shaped us. How we treat others not only affects them, it also affects us and our planet.

5. There is way too much criticism and judgement in this world

I see so many people judging, being harsh, criticising. EVERYONE wants to be seen, liked and heard. Including ourselves. If we know this why do so many people still judge and criticise each other? Isn’t it enough that we are our own judge and jury. Imagine a world where we were kind to ourselves, each other and our planet. What a different world we would live in.

6. It’s important to have people in your life that you trust

Sometimes we just need to pour our heart out to someone who won’t try to fix us. Someone who won’t judge us. Someone who will listen. Someone who will give us a hug and say ‘I SEE YOU’. I feel blessed to have several of these people in my life. If you are still working on this, become what you desire in someone else and that person will show up.

7. Every uncomfortable experience is an opportunity for growth

When we choose to lean in on the things that are uncomfortable; instead of resisting, avoiding or hiding, we allow ourselves to open up to new possibilities. Triggers are one our greatest tools for expansion if we see them for what they are.

8. More of something = more of something

More judgment = more judgement

More hatred = more hatred

More criticism = more criticism

More love = more love

More kindness = more kindness

More understanding = more understanding

9. The message on your heart is needed in this world

Your voice matters. YOU matter. As does your mission and your vision. The world is waiting for you to take that next gigantic step. To share your medicine in ways you never have before. Your time is now. You've got this amazing soul!!!

I love you ❣️

Allie x