I used to be an extreme people pleaser, I dimmed my light, I shunned my fire because I didn’t understand that I could stand gracefully within it, I abused my body with drugs, alcohol, food and not so nice self talk, I took my womanhood for granted, and I often compared myself to others.

There were times in the past that I made myself wrong for my height, weight, freckles, cellulite, lines in my skin, pigmentation above my lip, my thin hair, thin lips, my cat like eyes.

Times I felt too big, too bold, too loud, too feisty, too opinionated, too much, too emotional.

Until I realised THAT wasn’t serving anyone.

Not me.

Not you.

Not our planet.

From that pivotal moment I committed to, and CHOSE to, lean into self-love, self-worth, self-expansion AND speaking up on the things that matter most to me.

I’m Allie May and I’m a stand for freedom of expression in ALL ways.

For radical self-love.

For wholeness; as imperfection is only something that somebody made up to make us feel less than.

I stand for all shapes and sizes, all skin colours, all hair colours, all races.

I stand for individuality.

For seeing the beauty behind the external.

I stand for being WOMAN.

I stand for our cyclic nature.

I stand for understanding our wombspace and the superpowers that are our birthright.

For sisterhood.

I stand for inner freedom.

For respect.

For uniqueness.

For self-love.

For non-judgement.

For boundaries.

For truth.

For honouring.

For shining bright.

I make a stand for all the women who have no voice, who have been abused, who have been bullied, who have been treated any less than the Queens that they are.

I call forward the women who have BEEN the bullies, the abusers and who have treated others less than the Queens that they are to stand up, to evolve, to shift into their higher self and to treat their fellow Queens with love.

I honour myself, you, my friends, my sisters, my mothers, my grandmothers, my ancestors, the women I haven’t met, the women I’m yet to meet AND the women who are yet to come.

I stand with you, beside you and for you in all of your power, grace, strength, masculinity, femininity, messiness, beauty, and uniqueness.

I stand for you and ALL of who you are.

And with this stand you will always HEAR.ME.ROAR 🔥🔥🔥

Big love always

Allie xx