I need some rest she said.
Some quiet time she acknowledged.
A safe space to share she confessed.

She continued...

I feel like I’ve lost my way.
I feel exhausted.
I feel like I’m not sure of who I am anymore.
I feel like nothing makes sense right now.

The words continued to flow...

I’ve been looking after everyone else.
I’ve been putting my needs last.
I’ve been doubting myself.
I’ve been questioning who I am.

And as her tears began to fall...

I feel like I’m drowning.
I feel like I’m suffocating.
I feel like I’m struggling.
I feel like I’m failing.

To which her Soul replied...

Take the time you need to heal.

Followed by...

You are ALWAYS looked after.
You are ALWAYS supported 
You CAN do this.
You ARE enough.

And as she wiped the tears from her eyes she KNEW that everything was divine. That after every storm comes the sunshine. That she had always had enough. That even though she didn’t know the HOW everything truly would be ok.

Because it always was AND it always is!

To all of my sisters who doubt themselves, who want to give up sometimes, who second guess themselves, who feel like 
no-one understands, who struggle to share their pain, I SEE YOU ❣️

And to all of my sisters who listen, who give a damn, who hold space, who take the time, THANK YOU❣️

Big love always 
Allie xx