...in small talk, meaningless conversation or conversation just to fill a silence.

I'm into conversation about life, the mind, vision, impact, spirituality, plant medicine, synchronicity, womanhood, abundance, possibility, expansion, relationships, the other world, fairies, Spirit and the Universe.

I'm interested in your story of survival, where you've come from, what you've overcome and the the reason behind why you do what you do.

I'm not interested in knowing your job, your title, your religion, what car you have, the house you own, the money you do or don't make.

I'm interested in how you think, how you see the world, what lights you up and what touches your heart so deeply it brings tears to your eyes.

I'm interested in your layers.
Your courage.
How you love.

I want to know what brings you the most joy, what makes you tick, what you would fight for, your essence, your soul, your truth.

I want to know why you think you can't have all that you desire, why you feel like a failure sometimes, why you doubt yourself more often than not, why you question yourself the way that you do regardless of the amazing life you already live.

I'm interested in showing you what else is possible.

That you are not your mind, your trauma, your parents viewpoint of you, not your self-doub, not your lack of self-worth nor societies construct of you.

I'm into all that is beyond that.

You see I have this beautiful ability to take you beyond the surface of all that you think you are, how you behave, what fears you have, why you hold yourself back, why you feel stuck and how you can shift through all of it.

I have the ability to support you to have the relationship/s you want, the business you want, the money you want, the freedom you desire and to live a life that makes you feel lit up from the inside out.

I started 1:1 coaching with women back in January of 2017. This is where my online journey and passion for working with women began. During this time I have had the privilege of supporting and guiding close to 50 ladies from across the globe to transform their lives by healing their past and connecting in with ALL that is deep within them.

My genius is working with women who are already doing the work, who are wanting to live bigger lives, who are ready to let go of all that is holding them back so that they can step into their full potential to be, do, have and create ALL that they truly desire in life.

I also have the beautiful gift of mediumship, working with the spirit world and psychic ability. Something that supports the work I do and takes all of it to another mind-blowing level.

I have been working with a maximum of two women per month and have lately been feeling the call to open up and expand the ways you can work 1:1 with me.

Both ways we can work 1:1 together you are supported to feel safe and to dive-deep into all the things that are holding you back, both ways create a permanent shift, both are life-changing and transformational, both ways you will be guided to step into your full potential and I GUARANTEE you that your life will be taken to whole new level of amazingness.

If you are ready to play at a bigger level in your life then pm me and we can chat further.

Big love always 
Allie xx