When we aren’t making decisions that we know we need to make for our life and the Universe steps in and does it for us.

It’s like ‘right, you aren’t going to make the decision, here... let me help you with that’.

No warning.

Just BOOM 💥

This past few months have been super uncomfortable.

It’s been super challenging on so many levels THAT’S for sure.

Loads of internal shifts.
Loads of external shifts.
Loads of retraction. 
Doubt. Fear. Uncertainty. Internalising.
Hesitating on making decisions.
Settling for.
Not much inspiration.
Very little energy.

Far out is expansion uncomfortable sometimes.

And just when you think THAT’S IT 
another level creeps up and your reality as you know it becomes an unrecognisable mess.

This time it was big, and it sure did take awhile for me to process.

Only in the last couple of days am I feeling myself coming out the other side.

Ready for the next level.

It’s like almost everything that needed to has shifted and/or fallen away.

And NOW new possibility is ready to be explored.

I’m excited!

Excited to let go of the rest of what’s no longer serving me AND excited for what’s yet to come.

Some days it would be so easy to just throw your hands in the air, to give up, to walk away, to start again. Right?

I get it!

I’ve felt that way many times in my life too.

This past three months especially.

EVERY TIME though I’ve stopped and reminded myself of the alternative.

Working on someone else’s time.
Selling my soul for very little money.
Hardly seeing my family.
Taking one holiday a year.
Scrimping and saving just to get by.
No Goddess Day.
And so on and so on.

It’s not always easy following your own path.

But it sure is freakin worth it.

You got this amazing human!

Big love always
Allie ❤️