When you are studying Health & Nutrition through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the current 3 modules you are working through are exploring:

❣️ Universal Energy

❣️ Masculine & Feminine Energy

❣️ Manifestation

❣️ Purpose

❣️ Visualisation

❣️ Sacred Healing

❣️ Self Love

❣️ Menstruation

❣️ Mind-Body Medicine

❣️ The Power of Social Media

❣️ Branding

Talk about full body yes alignment 👑

AND, I just purchased my first order of Ceremony Grade Cacoa so that I can dive deeper into my morning ritual and self-expansion.

THIS... this is what soul alignment looks like.

This is what living on purpose looks like.

It’s when you are lit up by your life.

It’s when you are in flow with your life.

It’s when you are LIVING your life.

When you are committed to your own journey, when you are open to possibility, when you associate with conscious & awake humans, when you choose YOU first, life sure does become way more purposeful and enjoyable.

All YOU need to do is open your heart, listen to your soul nudges and take that first step.

You got this amazing human ❤️

Big love always xx