The pain in my heart.

The severe anxiety.

The continuous second guessing and self-doubt.

The unbalanced mind.

The chronic infections in my body.

The story that was on repeat from the moment I opened my eyes until I fell into bed exhausted EACH. AND. EVERY. SINGLE. night.

And then… REPEAT.

Day in day out feeling like I was going crazy and I needed to be institutionalised.

I was so unsure of how to navigate my way out of the black hole I felt like I was drowning in.

All it would have taken was for me to veer my car slightly to the left and it would have ALL been over.

Every part of me wanted to take my life that day.

EXCEPT for the mother instinct. The love I had for my son. The fact that he was in the car in front. If it wasn’t for all of THAT, I wouldn’t be here today.

It took me four years to overcome this daily war with myself.

And this. ALL of this. This is what now drives me in life.

It drives me to make a difference.

To inspire and empower.

To hold space.

To support women from all across the globe.

To do the 1:1 work I do.

To do the work I’m stepping into.

It’s why I’m so passionate about inner freedom.

About understanding our mind.

About accessing our heart.

About tapping into the superpowers within our womb.

About boundaries.

About kindness.

About presence.

About connection.

About being soul-led.

About living an abundant life in ALL areas – health, wealth, relationships, self, business, and so on.

People often ask me how I got to where I am today.

I got here because I chose to make myself a priority.

Because I chose to understand my inner critic.

Because I chose to rewrite my patterns and programs.

Because I chose to heal my trauma, my guilt, my shame and my sadness.

Because I chose to fall in love with myself a little more each day.

No matter what it took.

This journey is a huge part of why I now choose to support other women on their own personal quest to heal, to shift, to expand, to transform, to understand themselves, to thrive, to step into their truth, to align to their soul mission, to make a difference in their own lives AND the lives of others.

Inner Freedom is what allows us to understand ourselves, to back ourselves, to trust ourselves and to then go on and make the impact in this world that we were born to make.

It’s the balance REQUIRED for truly living the outer freedom we desire.

Inner freedom is something worth LIVING for.

Big love always

Allie xx