The truth of the matter, we are ALL human.

Leaders are going to fall off pedestals. Best not to put them there in the first place.

Coaches are going to go through uncomfortable next level expansion and need some time to move through it. This is what makes them great at what they do.

Mentors are going to have relationship stuff come up. THIS will support them to have more compassion for those having a similar experience.

Millionaires will have problems arise. We all experience the ebb and flow of life.

Billionaires will occasionally feel lonely. It’s uncomfortable at times to be in the minority.

Parents will stuff up sometimes, no matter how hard they try. There is no manual.

People who you think have it all together will sometimes doubt themselves and question their worth. Welcome to the plateau and the beginning of the next level!

No one is exempt from life’s challenges, life’s ups and downs, other people’s stuff, relationship stuff, parenting stuff, money stuff, family stuff, self-love stuff, life stuff.

There’s just different levels of growth at different levels of our life.

And the beautiful part...

Everyone is doing the best they can.

Be kind people ♥️



The pain in my heart.

The severe anxiety.

The continuous second guessing and self-doubt.

The unbalanced mind.

The chronic infections in my body.

The story that was on repeat from the moment I opened my eyes until I fell into bed exhausted EACH. AND. EVERY. SINGLE. night.

And then… REPEAT.

Day in day out feeling like I was going crazy and I needed to be institutionalised.

I was so unsure of how to navigate my way out of the black hole I felt like I was drowning in.

All it would have taken was for me to veer my car slightly to the left and it would have ALL been over.

Every part of me wanted to take my life that day.

EXCEPT for the mother instinct. The love I had for my son. The fact that he was in the car in front. If it wasn’t for all of THAT, I wouldn’t be here today.

It took me four years to overcome this daily war with myself.

And this. ALL of this. This is what now drives me in life.

It drives me to make a difference.

To inspire and empower.

To hold space.

To support women from all across the globe.

To do the 1:1 work I do.

To do the work I’m stepping into.

It’s why I’m so passionate about inner freedom.

About understanding our mind.

About accessing our heart.

About tapping into the superpowers within our womb.

About boundaries.

About kindness.

About presence.

About connection.

About being soul-led.

About living an abundant life in ALL areas – health, wealth, relationships, self, business, and so on.

People often ask me how I got to where I am today.

I got here because I chose to make myself a priority.

Because I chose to understand my inner critic.

Because I chose to rewrite my patterns and programs.

Because I chose to heal my trauma, my guilt, my shame and my sadness.

Because I chose to fall in love with myself a little more each day.

No matter what it took.

This journey is a huge part of why I now choose to support other women on their own personal quest to heal, to shift, to expand, to transform, to understand themselves, to thrive, to step into their truth, to align to their soul mission, to make a difference in their own lives AND the lives of others.

Inner Freedom is what allows us to understand ourselves, to back ourselves, to trust ourselves and to then go on and make the impact in this world that we were born to make.

It’s the balance REQUIRED for truly living the outer freedom we desire.

Inner freedom is something worth LIVING for.

Big love always

Allie xx

There's Nothing To Say


Me: Oh, but there is!

Soul: Nope. Not right now Allie.

And no matter how many times I had this discussion with my soul; the response continued to be the same.

Soul: Be quiet. Be patient. Go within. Let go. Trust.

To be honest, it was challenging going from having a lot to say on social media, from sharing regularly, from doing a lot of livestreams, from having a super engaged audience, from wanting to share my message.

TO… sharing almost nothing.

The craziest thing, it was one of the biggest growth phases of my life.

I let go of things not serving.

I recognised behaviours that were holding me back.

I chose to step away from specific groups and certain people.

My boundaries became clearer and more defined.

I started to speak less and listen more.

I become more grounded in my certainty.

You see, I was disenchanted and bored with the social media game.

The things I was sharing became monotonous.

Making money and being a leader was no longer fulfilling in the way it had been.

My inspiration felt like it packed its bags and took a round the world solo trip.

And with all of this I now know it was the beautiful death of my ego and the re-acquaintance of my soul.

I was craving deeper connections.

Desiring to make a bigger difference.

Things that used to be important to me no longer were.

I began to see things differently.

What I wanted began to change.

I began to see a bigger picture.

I began to hear the whispers of a mission and vision so much bigger than myself.

And throughout all of these changes the opinions others had of me shifted too:

You’re up yourself.

We can’t feel your heart.

You’re closed off.

You’re fluffy.

You lack vision.

You’re cocky.

And I’m not going to lie, for someone who is significance driven, it was intense and difficult.

It was difficult to feel like I lost my voice.

It was difficult to stop sharing so much.

Difficult to walk away from things.

Difficult to speak up.

Difficult to know that others didn’t understand.

Difficult to face the judgment with all of the internal changes going on also.

Difficult to feel like I had to have it all together because fuck that’s what leaders do right!

And through it all there was really nothing else to do except trust my soul and know that EVERYTHING was happening for my greatest good AND for the good of the planet.

The cosmic joke - it always is right 😉

Ego was stripped back.

Humility became a friend.

Grace and I were acquainted.

It’s like all the STUFF had to shift and clear for me to step into greater service for humanity.

For so long I had no words to describe all of this.

I shed plenty of tears.

I got angry.

I questioned EVERYTHING.

AND I invested more in myself than I ever had before.

I learnt to take my time.

To trust in the bigger picture.

I softened.

My soul-aligned mission and vision for humanity became clearer.

And this new, potent and beautiful medicine on my heart began to want to be shared.

I feel like we can easily get stuck in the social media distortion of always having to show up for everyone else, of comparison, self-judgement, not good enough, people pleasing, saying yes when we mean no, filtering, scrolling AND consuming.

What I've learnt though over this past 3 years of running a super successful multi-faceted online business is that the more we show up as ourselves, the more we honour our truth, the more we share what lights us up instead of trying to figure out what others want, the more we share from our soul, the more we build 'true' relationships, the more we give a damn about others:

❣️ the more joy we feel

❣️ the bigger impact we make

❣️ the bigger businesses we have

❣️ the more money we make

When we LISTEN to our soul, all the things that made no sense at all begin to make ALL the sense.

It's not always easy following a path that is different to the societal norm HOWEVER the inner freedom, the relationships, the wealth creation and the freedom of choice certainly are worth it.

Big love always

Allie xx

You Matter



1. Speaking our truth often takes courage

It's not always easy to say what we mean, to speak up, to change our mind on something and to honour that. To share with others how we feel about something. To let others know when we may have got it wrong. To apologise. To take full ownership for something. To follow our heart and go one way when others may be going the other. A lot of people will keep quiet, will placate, will avoid speaking.

What I love about truth is that it frees us from being trapped in a distorted reality. It keeps our energetic lines clear and clean (which positively impacts our relationships, our business, the money we make, our health). It's not only great for us as the individual, it also ripples out to the people around us AND our beautiful planet.

2. Clear communication is important

We ALL see things differently in life. There are many reasons for this. Our upbringing, our beliefs, our programming, etc... Sometimes we can think one thing and someone else will take it completely different. Clear communication avoids confusion, angst and misunderstanding. Acknowledging that how we see the world may be different to the next person allows us to respect other people and their viewpoints.

3. We always have a choice

If something doesn’t feel good we get to honour that. If it was a yes at first and then it changes to a no, we get to honour that also. Sometimes I think that people forget that they actually have a choice. When we make our own choices we are choosing to create our lives not just let life happen.

4. Everyone is doing the best that they can

We may not understand someone else’s thought processes, behaviours or actions, however everyone is doing the best they can with what they know, what they’ve experienced, where they have come from. Acknowledgement and compassion go a long way here. This is not a permission slip to excuse something, it's about understanding and respecting that we are all different.

5. We are all connected

One finger pointed outward; 3 facing back.

We are all energetically connected. This is science. We all have red blood. We all have a heart that beats. We all have feelings, emotions, experiences that have shaped us. How we treat others not only affects them, it also affects us and our planet.

5. There is way too much criticism and judgement in this world

I see so many people judging, being harsh, criticising. EVERYONE wants to be seen, liked and heard. Including ourselves. If we know this why do so many people still judge and criticise each other? Isn’t it enough that we are our own judge and jury. Imagine a world where we were kind to ourselves, each other and our planet. What a different world we would live in.

6. It’s important to have people in your life that you trust

Sometimes we just need to pour our heart out to someone who won’t try to fix us. Someone who won’t judge us. Someone who will listen. Someone who will give us a hug and say ‘I SEE YOU’. I feel blessed to have several of these people in my life. If you are still working on this, become what you desire in someone else and that person will show up.

7. Every uncomfortable experience is an opportunity for growth

When we choose to lean in on the things that are uncomfortable; instead of resisting, avoiding or hiding, we allow ourselves to open up to new possibilities. Triggers are one our greatest tools for expansion if we see them for what they are.

8. More of something = more of something

More judgment = more judgement

More hatred = more hatred

More criticism = more criticism

More love = more love

More kindness = more kindness

More understanding = more understanding

9. The message on your heart is needed in this world

Your voice matters. YOU matter. As does your mission and your vision. The world is waiting for you to take that next gigantic step. To share your medicine in ways you never have before. Your time is now. You've got this amazing soul!!!

I love you ❣️

Allie x




I used to be an extreme people pleaser, I dimmed my light, I shunned my fire because I didn’t understand that I could stand gracefully within it, I abused my body with drugs, alcohol, food and not so nice self talk, I took my womanhood for granted, and I often compared myself to others.

There were times in the past that I made myself wrong for my height, weight, freckles, cellulite, lines in my skin, pigmentation above my lip, my thin hair, thin lips, my cat like eyes.

Times I felt too big, too bold, too loud, too feisty, too opinionated, too much, too emotional.

Until I realised THAT wasn’t serving anyone.

Not me.

Not you.

Not our planet.

From that pivotal moment I committed to, and CHOSE to, lean into self-love, self-worth, self-expansion AND speaking up on the things that matter most to me.

I’m Allie May and I’m a stand for freedom of expression in ALL ways.

For radical self-love.

For wholeness; as imperfection is only something that somebody made up to make us feel less than.

I stand for all shapes and sizes, all skin colours, all hair colours, all races.

I stand for individuality.

For seeing the beauty behind the external.

I stand for being WOMAN.

I stand for our cyclic nature.

I stand for understanding our wombspace and the superpowers that are our birthright.

For sisterhood.

I stand for inner freedom.

For respect.

For uniqueness.

For self-love.

For non-judgement.

For boundaries.

For truth.

For honouring.

For shining bright.

I make a stand for all the women who have no voice, who have been abused, who have been bullied, who have been treated any less than the Queens that they are.

I call forward the women who have BEEN the bullies, the abusers and who have treated others less than the Queens that they are to stand up, to evolve, to shift into their higher self and to treat their fellow Queens with love.

I honour myself, you, my friends, my sisters, my mothers, my grandmothers, my ancestors, the women I haven’t met, the women I’m yet to meet AND the women who are yet to come.

I stand with you, beside you and for you in all of your power, grace, strength, masculinity, femininity, messiness, beauty, and uniqueness.

I stand for you and ALL of who you are.

And with this stand you will always HEAR.ME.ROAR 🔥🔥🔥

Big love always

Allie xx

More Kindness, More Love, More Happiness


We never know WHAT is going on in someone else’s life.

And it’s often easy to judge.

To criticise.

To blame.

To take someone else’s side of a story.

To bitch.

To gossip.

To disagree.

To form an opinion.

The thing is, we are ALL doing the best we can with what we’ve got.

Everyone has STUFF going on behind the scenes.

It’s called being human.

Even the most evolved, intelligent, connected souls have things that come up.

So be gentle.

Remember that each person has a little boy or girl within desiring to be loved.

That at the end of the day each person just wants to be liked.

That a smile goes a long way.

As does a hug, an acknowledgement and a kind word.

People are only ever going to tell you what they want you to know.

Most will put on a brave face and tell you that they are ok.

And truth be told, most aren’t.

In a world where we are all connected it makes sense to me that we treat ourselves, each other AND our planet with more love, kindness and respect.

After all...

More Kindness + More Love = More Happiness ❣️



I'M NOT INTERESTED small talk, meaningless conversation or conversation just to fill a silence.

I'm into conversation about life, the mind, vision, impact, spirituality, plant medicine, synchronicity, womanhood, abundance, possibility, expansion, relationships, the other world, fairies, Spirit and the Universe.

I'm interested in your story of survival, where you've come from, what you've overcome and the the reason behind why you do what you do.

I'm not interested in knowing your job, your title, your religion, what car you have, the house you own, the money you do or don't make.

I'm interested in how you think, how you see the world, what lights you up and what touches your heart so deeply it brings tears to your eyes.

I'm interested in your layers.
Your courage.
How you love.

I want to know what brings you the most joy, what makes you tick, what you would fight for, your essence, your soul, your truth.

I want to know why you think you can't have all that you desire, why you feel like a failure sometimes, why you doubt yourself more often than not, why you question yourself the way that you do regardless of the amazing life you already live.

I'm interested in showing you what else is possible.

That you are not your mind, your trauma, your parents viewpoint of you, not your self-doub, not your lack of self-worth nor societies construct of you.

I'm into all that is beyond that.

You see I have this beautiful ability to take you beyond the surface of all that you think you are, how you behave, what fears you have, why you hold yourself back, why you feel stuck and how you can shift through all of it.

I have the ability to support you to have the relationship/s you want, the business you want, the money you want, the freedom you desire and to live a life that makes you feel lit up from the inside out.

I started 1:1 coaching with women back in January of 2017. This is where my online journey and passion for working with women began. During this time I have had the privilege of supporting and guiding close to 50 ladies from across the globe to transform their lives by healing their past and connecting in with ALL that is deep within them.

My genius is working with women who are already doing the work, who are wanting to live bigger lives, who are ready to let go of all that is holding them back so that they can step into their full potential to be, do, have and create ALL that they truly desire in life.

I also have the beautiful gift of mediumship, working with the spirit world and psychic ability. Something that supports the work I do and takes all of it to another mind-blowing level.

I have been working with a maximum of two women per month and have lately been feeling the call to open up and expand the ways you can work 1:1 with me.

Both ways we can work 1:1 together you are supported to feel safe and to dive-deep into all the things that are holding you back, both ways create a permanent shift, both are life-changing and transformational, both ways you will be guided to step into your full potential and I GUARANTEE you that your life will be taken to whole new level of amazingness.

If you are ready to play at a bigger level in your life then pm me and we can chat further.

Big love always 
Allie xx




When we aren’t making decisions that we know we need to make for our life and the Universe steps in and does it for us.

It’s like ‘right, you aren’t going to make the decision, here... let me help you with that’.

No warning.

Just BOOM 💥

This past few months have been super uncomfortable.

It’s been super challenging on so many levels THAT’S for sure.

Loads of internal shifts.
Loads of external shifts.
Loads of retraction. 
Doubt. Fear. Uncertainty. Internalising.
Hesitating on making decisions.
Settling for.
Not much inspiration.
Very little energy.

Far out is expansion uncomfortable sometimes.

And just when you think THAT’S IT 
another level creeps up and your reality as you know it becomes an unrecognisable mess.

This time it was big, and it sure did take awhile for me to process.

Only in the last couple of days am I feeling myself coming out the other side.

Ready for the next level.

It’s like almost everything that needed to has shifted and/or fallen away.

And NOW new possibility is ready to be explored.

I’m excited!

Excited to let go of the rest of what’s no longer serving me AND excited for what’s yet to come.

Some days it would be so easy to just throw your hands in the air, to give up, to walk away, to start again. Right?

I get it!

I’ve felt that way many times in my life too.

This past three months especially.

EVERY TIME though I’ve stopped and reminded myself of the alternative.

Working on someone else’s time.
Selling my soul for very little money.
Hardly seeing my family.
Taking one holiday a year.
Scrimping and saving just to get by.
No Goddess Day.
And so on and so on.

It’s not always easy following your own path.

But it sure is freakin worth it.

You got this amazing human!

Big love always
Allie ❤️




I need some rest she said.
Some quiet time she acknowledged.
A safe space to share she confessed.

She continued...

I feel like I’ve lost my way.
I feel exhausted.
I feel like I’m not sure of who I am anymore.
I feel like nothing makes sense right now.

The words continued to flow...

I’ve been looking after everyone else.
I’ve been putting my needs last.
I’ve been doubting myself.
I’ve been questioning who I am.

And as her tears began to fall...

I feel like I’m drowning.
I feel like I’m suffocating.
I feel like I’m struggling.
I feel like I’m failing.

To which her Soul replied...

Take the time you need to heal.

Followed by...

You are ALWAYS looked after.
You are ALWAYS supported 
You CAN do this.
You ARE enough.

And as she wiped the tears from her eyes she KNEW that everything was divine. That after every storm comes the sunshine. That she had always had enough. That even though she didn’t know the HOW everything truly would be ok.

Because it always was AND it always is!

To all of my sisters who doubt themselves, who want to give up sometimes, who second guess themselves, who feel like 
no-one understands, who struggle to share their pain, I SEE YOU ❣️

And to all of my sisters who listen, who give a damn, who hold space, who take the time, THANK YOU❣️

Big love always 
Allie xx




When you are studying Health & Nutrition through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the current 3 modules you are working through are exploring:

❣️ Universal Energy

❣️ Masculine & Feminine Energy

❣️ Manifestation

❣️ Purpose

❣️ Visualisation

❣️ Sacred Healing

❣️ Self Love

❣️ Menstruation

❣️ Mind-Body Medicine

❣️ The Power of Social Media

❣️ Branding

Talk about full body yes alignment 👑

AND, I just purchased my first order of Ceremony Grade Cacoa so that I can dive deeper into my morning ritual and self-expansion.

THIS... this is what soul alignment looks like.

This is what living on purpose looks like.

It’s when you are lit up by your life.

It’s when you are in flow with your life.

It’s when you are LIVING your life.

When you are committed to your own journey, when you are open to possibility, when you associate with conscious & awake humans, when you choose YOU first, life sure does become way more purposeful and enjoyable.

All YOU need to do is open your heart, listen to your soul nudges and take that first step.

You got this amazing human ❤️

Big love always xx